The town of Pleven is an administrative center of the Pleven Municipality and Pleven District, located in Central Northern Bulgaria.

An important starting point of the town is Pleven Bus Station, located on the square of Ivan Midjilkov 7. Near Pleven railway station, Central Cooperative Market, commercial and administrative buildings. Opposite the main entrance of the bus station there are stops for the public transport, in order to facilitate the citizens in the vicinity of the building there is a taxi stand and inside the lounge there is a taxi station placed as a quick and easy way to call them.

The building of the Pleven Bus Station is built on two floors according to the requirements for public objects of this type.

On the first floor is the passenger compartment – the liveliest part of the building, over 5,000 passengers daily. There are daily 330 courses of 50 carriers on a total of 65 bus lines linking the city with major administrative centers and other settlements in the country by the Republican, District and Municipal Transport Schemes. Tickets for ticket pre-sale, administrative offices and carrier offices are located in the salon. For convenience of the citizens in the bus station there is a grocery store, fast food pavilions, coffee machines, an ATM, as well as a check-in bank, transfers and exchange of money.

For security and peace of mind, 24-hour security is provided. The building is water-supplied and electrified, and in the winter months it is heated by the thermal power plant.

On the second floor is the administration of the Municipal Enterprise Urban Mobility Center , which manages the Pleven Bus Station.